Veterinary Scientist Training Program
Veterinary Scientist Training Program

Training the Next Generation of Veterinary Scientists

About Us

Our mission is to prepare students with dual DVM-PhD degrees to become compassionate and exceptional veterinarian-scientists engaged in basic and translational research to advance the health of people, animals, and environment.

The career outcomes of our trainees is a testament to the success of our program.
To date, 34 graduates have completed the VSTP program with dual DVM/PhD. 14 graduates have gone on to leadership careers in academia, at government agencies, and in industry. 14 recent graduates are still at the early stage of their post-DVM residency and/or postdoctoral training. Only 4 graduates have chosen to pursue careers as small animal practitioners. Thus, more than 80% of our VSTP graduates are using their research training to advance their careers.  Based on the program’s historical data, we anticipate that the vast majority of our most recent graduates will seek a career as veterinarian-scientists in academia, biomedical research, and government service.